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Who are we?

As restaurant owners, we first encountered this new style of cuisine during our vacation down South a couple years ago. Beyond the food, the atmosphere created by families and friends eating crab legs around a table is what intrigued our interest in bringing this experience back to Michigan. After months of perfecting our spices, we have decided to open our first location in Lansing, Michigan and our second in Flint, Michigan.

What is a Seafood Boil?

As the name sounds, it is boiled seafood in a bag. However, we put our own twist on it. At The Tangy Crab, we let our customers pick the seafood and sauce and we add in the spices, gloves, and bibs. There is no ambiance, we want you to be elbow to elbow getting down and dirty with your friends and family enjoying both food and company.

What is our mission?

We want to bring the taste of the Southern Boils to Michigan and allow everyone to enjoy the taste of fresh seafood and burst of deliciousness!

When do we expect to open?

We are opening February 1st, 2021 for dine-in and take-out!

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